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270 boul. Youville, Châteauguay

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Founded in the fifties, the Chateauguay Badminton Club orients its activities in the sport and social fields; this orientation allowed the Club to survive over the years. Cliques do not exist; everybody plays with everybody allowing the weaker players to learn from the stronger ones; the stronger players also have the possibility of playing with players of their calibre. The selection system for the games is fair and allows everyone present to participate. Social life is also important: friendly tournaments, Holiday tournament/dinner/dance, etc. To note that the Club is a private club not relying on the sporting organization of the City. As a result, we can control the selection of our Members and maintain a certain level of competence in the Club. Taking into account the number of members and the number of available courts, beginners are not accepted.
Club:    Chateauguay Badminton Club
Membership:    25,00$ per year plus $5.00 a night; birds supplied.
                    $7.00 a night for guests and potential members; birds supplied.
Number of Members:    40
Ages of Members:    18 to 100 years old
Rubberized floor, excellent lighting, no obstacles, high ceiling. We also have the key to the premises which frees us from relying on somebody else for opening and closing.
Number of courts:    3
Activity nights:Tuesdays and Fridays - 20:00 to 23:00 hours
Executive: President Pierre LeBel 450-691-2248
Vice President Mario Talbot 450-691-4735
  Secretary Tresurer Richard Marleau 450-691-8828
  Social Director Thérèse Desbiens 450-691-7248
  Sports Director Open  
LBA Représentative: Pierre LeBel
  138 Beurling, Châteauguay, Qc  J6K 3K4
  Tél.:         450-691-2248
  Téléc.:      450-691-0336