Beaconsfield Badminton Club

Beaconsfield High School (F gym)
250 Beaurepaire, Beaconsfield

Direction: close up view
Direction: distant view

Interactive directions


LBA game nights :   Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Contact : Chantal Paré,

Home : 514-694-7150

Direction from the 40 west:

1. Exit blvd. St. Charles South and go down St. Charles South (towards the 20)
2. Continue on St. Charles pass the 20 (under pass)
3. As you are coming up from the under pass, turn right into the parking of the strip mall.
4. Drive through the parking and exit on to Beaurepaire Dr. (a left turn)
5. Follow Beaurepaire till you reach a T, then turn right on to Sussex Dr. (Sussex Dr. will turn back in to Beaurepaire Dr.
6. Look for Beaconsfield High school on your left.
7. Just before the overhead pass, turn left onto Beaconsfield Court
8. After about 50 feet, turn right into the parking area of the school.
9. From the right side of the parking walk to the back to access the front door.